April 20, 2012

"Unlock interesting data from your Gmail account with Gmail Meter"


I’ve been using Gmail for as long as I can remember, and unfortunately I have more unread emails than I care to admit. The service is my lifeblood, but one thing that’s missing is the ability to gain insight into how active I am in sending and receiving email. Is there a certain

"Path for Android users finally get Lenses feature to filter images"

Path for Android has been updated to support the ‘Lenses’ feature, which mimics the filtration techniques of apps like Instagram. The Lenses feature allows you to see a live preview of the filter effect as you shoot an image and it’s been on the iOS version of Path for about a year.

"YouTube updates its Audio Editing interface, adds featured tracks and mixing options"

When you want to share a video with a lot of people, YouTube is the top destination for most people. The service continues to draw top-notch talent to the platform as well, and continues to add more features for content creators.

"Google Street View arrives in Israel a few days earlier than expected"


Just a few days ago we told you that Google was set to unleash its Street View service in the country of Israel on April 22nd, something it had been working on for quite some time. As we noted, there were quite a few problems with getting the project going:

April 17, 2012

"Google Drive detailed: 5 GB for free, launching next week for Mac, Windows, Android and iOS"


Sometimes we get lucky, and today is one of those days. I got a draft release from a partner of Google’s upcoming Google Drive service and it gives away a wealth of information about how Google plans to take on the incumbent Dropbox. The short story? 5 GB of storage, and it launches next week, likely on Tuesday athttp://drive.google.com

"Facebook Rolls Out Bigger Profile Images, Days After Google+"

Over the course of the last week, Facebook has started to roll out a small improvement to Facebook profiles, increasing the size of a user’s profile picture on their Timeline, a move that comes just days after Google updated Google+ profilesto sport a larger photo.
Previously, a photo measured 130 x 125 pixels, overlaying a user’s Timeline Cover image. The image is a smaller version of a user’s profile image, which can be displayed in full when a visitor clicks it.
However, as Emanuele Bartolomucci and a number of Twitter users have noticed, Facebook’s profile images now measure 166 x 160 pixels.
You can see the difference below:


Screen Shot 2012 04 16 at 10.33.08 520x139 Bigger profile images come to Facebook, just days after Google+ did the same

"Apple hides Michelangelo’s hand of Adam reaching for knowledge in touch patent filing"

Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam‘ is probably one of the most recognizable pieces of art ever created. A representation of the Biblical scene representing the creation of the first man Adam by God, it exists as a section of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling in Rome.
One of the most iconic bits of the work is the hand of Adam, reaching out to God. It’s often seen as a representation of Adam reaching out for knowledge of his creator, or knowledge of himself.
Well, it looks like someone in Apple’s patent art department wanted to hide a bit of an easter egg inside of a 2009 filing for a touch-screen iMac. The hand of Adam, lifted right from Michelangelo, was discovered by Redditor Insightfrankfurt (he actually found it three months ago, but Reddit wasn’t ready). You can see the obvious and uncanny resemblance in the graphic below:
 Awesome: Apple hides Michelangelos hand of Adam reaching for knowledge in touch patent filing